PastLifeRegression Therapy (PLR)

in Frankfurt am Main


Past Life Regression Therapy

You are looking for an efficient therapy or method to raise your self-awareness? Your native language is English - but you are living in Germany? Here in Frankfurt am Main - in the middle of Germany - you will find the right place and person.

Past life regression therapy (PLR), the way I am practising it, is mainly a depth-psychological method to explore the unconscious part of the inner pattern of your soul. You will be able to

  • find out what is preventing you from living your full potential
  • find out what is behind your mental or physical symptoms
  • become new impulses for your life (family, partnership, job business,...)
  • make developmental steps
  • experience a therapy or coaching by a therapist with a blend of therapeutic professionalism and spirituality at the same time
  • explore your inner world - also for healthy people!


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For whom PLR therapy is suitable for:

  • in general for all people being interested in themselves
  • people with the experience of fate, illness
  • people with mental or psychological problems like depression, anxiety, high-sensitivness, stress and burn-out, allergies, problems within a partnership or starting a partnership
  • people who want to get rid of their lack of self-awareness, self-responsibility and self-confidence
  • it is also suitable for all therapists as a profound supervision
  • for all being interested in questions of spirituality and esoteric topics

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