PastLifeRegression Therapy (PLR)

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PLR Information day - in Frankfurt am Main


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Every 2 or 3 months we offer an information day in our Centre for Past Life Regression Therapy in Frankfurt am Main. Here you will receive first-hand information about background, theory and praxis of our therapy method and the very unique way for raising your self-awareness and consciousness. From our point of view this kind of work is more a direct view into your inner world than just having a view into former lives - intending to heal wounds in former lives. The events happened in the past and will stay in the past, but there is a big opportunity for you to better understand yourself by getting to know the pattern of your soul.



We know, what we are talking about, as we practise successfully our Centre for Past Life Regression Therapy here in Frankfurt am Main. Our depth-psychology based psychotherapy is focused on getting in direct touch with the world of your own soul.

That is what you can expect at our info day:

  • learn more about past life regression therapy
  • disease and fate are direct messages from your soul
  • listening to a speech of Thorwald Dethlefsen ("coincidence does not exist")
  • try out yourself the forced breathing
  • live-demo of a session with a client
  • get to know us and have a look at our rooms
  • ...

infoday stiftstrasse frankfurt main plrWe will start 9am and end 6pm. Usually you will meet us with a smaller group of people, so you will have this diverse and informative day in a more trusting atmosphere. We will talk about the past life regression therapy and the world views behind and of course we will answer your questions. Please be aware, that most of the participants are Germans. So this info day will be held in German language. Personal questions will be answered in English.

Please register your participation at

Of course you can contact me for a personal first free appointment in spite of joining our information day, in case you are not able to follow the parts in German language.