PastLifeRegression Therapy (PLR)

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Past Life Regression Therapy (PLR) - what it is and how it can help you

Quite a lot of people are working with past life regressions and the general interest in making experiences with former lives is also high. But only a very few people are using or experiencing the "deeper look" behind the scenes. Using past life regressions as an effective way of therapy needs somebody who has a deep therapeutical experience, sensitivity and professionalism. Here in Germany I am one of the  few therapists working in this way - and offering it in english language!

Past Life Regression Therapy is a depth psychological method based on the idea, that everybody has more than only one life. Obviously everyone is free to believe in this idea or not. If you do or do not is not important for the success of your therapy - keep on reading and you will understand why.


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PLR is a combination of

  • regression therapy (Dethlefsen/Wendel)
  • talking therapy
  • breathing therapy (rebirthing)
  • guided affective imagery therapy
  • symbolic interpretation of the inner pictures (archetypes - C.G. Jung)
  • psychological orientated astrology


plr therapyAt the beginning of each therapy the client will describe his situation, his projects and problems and he/she will also give an overview of actual illness or symptoms. Out of this the client will define the "order of therapy".



Usually the therapy will take over 5 sessions (short PLR therapy) up to 20 sessions (complete PLR therapy)


  • short PLR therapy:
    • 5 sessions (2 hours a day, Monday to Friday = 1 week)
    • this is suitable for acute problems
    • or to make first steps and try out PLR
    • first effects are recognizable


  • complete PLR therapy:
    • 20 sessions (2 hours a day, Monday to Friday = 4 weeks)
    • this is the recommended procedure of the therapy
    • those 20 sessions are necessary for decoding the deep source of your problems and symptoms
    • you will learn to understand the language of your soul
    • this longer cycle of therapy will give you deep insight into yourself and you will be able to make large steps of inner development
    • you will get aware of the unconscious parts of your soul - leading to a growth of your self-awareness
    • the deepest point of your heart and soul - your deepest shadow - will get a chance to get enlightened
    • your heart will be able to get wider and you will have a new perspective on the meaning of your life
    • chronic disease and long-lasting problems need your patience - find out the message behind
    • this long-term therapy is like a school of life - but focused on YOUR life
    • you will find all answers coming out of yourself

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Of course after finishing the 4 weeks PLR therapy, I will further accompany and support you. There are several opportunities: you can visit our courses and groups or maybe you prefer to keep on working with yourself by continuing the PLR therapy from time to time (in this case usually 1 or 2 weeks of therapy will be sufficient).




The PLR therapy session:

  • 2 hours (120 minutes)
  • contains:
    • time to talk about you, what is going on in you, what you think and feel referring to the session the day before
    • intensive breathing to get into a soft state of trance (I do not work with hypnosis!)
    • regression into a former life = going into the inner pictures of your soul - this is like imagining yourself in a different body / in another time / in another scenery. You will speak out everything loudly, I will help you to get into an experience, which feels almost real. It's your story, your choice and nothing will happen without your free will.
    • debriefing: you can express your experience, your feelings, I will answer your questions and I will help you to translate the meaning of your inner pictures, together we will figure out the deeper essence


Feedback of a client:

I was searching for myself in psychological books, travels and various therapies for a long time, but it was thanks to the reincarnation therapy in the Engin and Julia center that I got to know and love what I am with all the colors, strengths and weaknesses behind which my strength was hidden.
When I started my therapy, I did not know what awaited me, I wanted to get out of depression, I felt lost, lonely and without any strength to live for many years. The trances forced me to leave my comfort zone, face the darkest and embarrassing sides of my soul, thanks the forbearance of my therapist, warm personification and faith in me, day by day I started to get to know my needs more and recognize my feelings. I began to see what is important to me and what I don't need to accept and let go. I learned to fight for myself, my needs and values​as well as to say loud NO to situations and people who cross my boundaries.

It is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this life, a journey into your own soul.
Thank you with all my heart.


Please contact me for

  • making an appointment for a first preliminary talk to answer your questions, getting to know me and for working out an individual therapy plan
  • asking for free time frames for your therapy