PastLifeRegression Therapy (PLR)

in Frankfurt am Main


The idea behind

The belief in the existence of past lives and reincarnation is part of most of our cultures all around the world. The more people live in accordance with nature, the more it is something like a natural idea and knowledge. But of course nobody ever was ever able to bring the last evidence - and maybe it will never happen. Nevertheless it is up to everybody himself to make up his own mind.





Maybe you are a critical person not believing in anything that can not be seen or touched, or you are very sure about the existence of the beyond and the endless lifetime of your soul. Whatever your idea of religion or your view of life is, you can make deep experiences for yourself with PLR.

You imagine sceneries and stories like you do in your dreams when you are sleeping. But during the therapy you are awake, you speak out loud and you remember everything after the session is finished. You learn more about yourself by experiencing yourself in a different body, age and period.



Even you think this all is just your own fantasy, don't worry. It can only come out what's in! The most important thing is: by going into inner pictures you will get in touch with your soul. The native language of your soul is the world of pictures. So we can ask. For example we ask: "Go back through time and space to explore the background of my long-lasting and continually headaches".

  1. We will not search for the "cause" of your problems - to know that someone hit your head hardly in the year of 1472 will not really help you with your present problems. And anyway, we will not be able to change the past.
  2. But having a look at you as the person that you have been in your former life, on your life and how the situation evolved - this will give you a reference to your unconscious patterns of your thoughts, behaviour and acting.
  3. All persons occuring in the imagined stories are like inner characters of yourself. So it will also be very interesting to study them.

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Living in a world of polarity

Many people have an idea of God, religion and the question "Where are we from - and where are we going to". Others more orient themselves on facts and figures. But nobody can deny that our world is a world of contrasts: day & night, warm & cold, hard & soft, man & woman...

yin yangThe existence of contrasts seems to be necessary for human beings to enable them making experiences and to make them able to develop themselves. We need subject and object, thesis and antithesis. Like a child growing up, trying out and making failures our psyche and soul is also growing up with every experience.

But it is a matter of fact: some experiences we like more and others we even hate.

  • We are proud to be nice, healthy, kind, rich, happy, etc.
  • but we try to avoid being angry, sick, rude, aggressive, poor and depressive.

That means, one side/pole we do accept and live - the opposite we try to eliminate. Similarly it happens within our psyche and inner nature, we exclude all disliked parts of our character - and in consequence we are becoming incomplete!

The "excluded inner parts" are languishing in obscurity - doomed to a shadowy existence. As C.G. Jung once said: Shadow is the unknown dark side of our personality.


The shadow personifies everything that the subject refuses to acknowledge about himself and yet is always thrusting itself upon him directly or indirectly - for instance, inferior traits of character and other incompatible tendencies. (C.G. Jung)


Shades of....?

Past Life Regression Therapy is - in the way I'm offering it - a therapy to re-integrate all those "lost" parts of your personality. Maybe our souls once decided to make the experience of polarity, but finally the bigger plan seems to get complete again. And, after achieving the aim of development and awareness, to get back to unity again.

As long as we do not love and accept ourselves completely with all our built-in archetypal pattern we will have people around us who are mirroring our shady sides, or we will get hints by fate. Even physical symptoms can be translated into messages from your souls to get in touch again with those disliked parts of character (e.g. fever = aggression = Aries/Mars principle).


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